Code Camp
in partnership with IITs
#php #python #html5 #golang
Sponsor: IIT Coding Clubs
Code Camp
in partnership with IITs
#php #python #html5 #golang
Sponsor: IIT Coding Clubs


CODEPROMPT helps you to solve every query that you might have learning your online course through IITian mentors who has a great insight of the language that you are stuck at. It's an interesting ongoing project of Internet Academy.

We INTERNET ACADEMY, being a member of W3C offers all type of Web courses with most accurate curriculum to give a global edge with over 25,000 satisfied graduates WorldWide!

Here are our overseas branches.

Code Prompt


How it works?


We would be happy if you let us know in advance. So please register with our 2 days code camp in IIT's. We also have exciting offers for early registration.

Online Learning

Spending few hours before the camp on online tutorials (will be provided by us) is compulsory! just the way warming up is compulsory before the actual game.

Camp with team

We not only give you knowledge also some fun and friends by forming a team of 3-4. Even illness becomes wellness by replacing 'I' by 'We'.

How is it useful?


Stuck with some code during the camp!? We provide you the best programmers of top IIT's during the whole camp to guide you.


We don't want to send you with empty hands rather we provide you certificate by Internet Academy (with W3C Member logo on it) which can be used for your CV or resume.


We want to keep in touch with you guys!! Continue with our Internet Academy after the camp. Yayy!! We are hiring :D

Code Prompt

Location & Schedule

18th and 19th August, 9:00AM - 6:00PM
IIT Bombay

18th August 19th August
9:00 AM Opening Session Project
12:00 PM Project Project
3:00 PM Project Presentation


Regular Price

1st July to 4th August: ₹ 2,000

This code camp has successfully finished this year.
Thank you very much for all of your supports!
- Team CodePrompt


Programming Languages
T-shirt Size
Total Amount
₹  2,000.00
Code Prompt